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Ok, i have made over 100,000 pictures but only to lose them. IT IS SOOOOO ANOYING!!!! But i am looking to do a Bionicle story, but i am thinking weather i should make it a stop motion or hand moved. Reply on my latest video!!

------UPCOMING VIDS----------
So ive done some practasing with stop motion and finally now im going to do with LEGO. It may be about 6 or 7 minutes long and thats about 122
My stupid youtube account is being stupid, like really, really, really, REALLY stupid!!!!!
I cannot upload any videos because of the stupid 'security settings'.
Can somebody tell me how to overcome this!

Hello, im supercmpunkfann and this is my latest activity, my new videos and upcoming stuff on my youtube account! Just so you know, and if you want to email me for any stuff or even just to improve my site this is my email:
So you know i've already got exactly 27 videos so its really, really , really, REALLY stupid.
Watch them all now! Like now! Not then now! Uhhh my favourite word is now

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